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About these Random Word Generators

The top of this page has our 3 most popular random fake word generators. They are aimed at advertisers, marketers, designers, webmasters, inventors, and anyone else who needs a bit of help coming up with intersting new words.

The first generator is our "very random" word generator, which is an almost purely random word maker. It generates words which tend to be between 3 and 10 characters long. There is a slight bias towards beginning words with consonants, as well as alternating between consonants and vowels. This bias was put in to make the pseudo words generated sound similar to real words. It is a slightly twisted version of a Markov Chain.

In the middle is our "catchy random" word generator, which is designed to create catchy pseudo-words, ideal for memorable product or brand names and especially great for modern, catchy "web 2.0" domain names. We are constantly updating the database to keep up with modern trends in brand names and domain names.

The third generator is our "power combo" word generator. It generates combination words, suitable for new technologies, code-named projects, software, domain names, good blog names, gadgets, and any other modern product that needs a catchy "buzz name". It's certainly more difficult to find a .com domain name using this generator, but you might just strike gold.

Be sure to check out our other fun, free language utilities, such as our random band name generator!

FAKEWORD is undergoing a complete overhaul at the moment. Check back regularly to find lots of great new generators. In the pipeline we have a dummy text generator, baby name suggestions, and we will be continually updating Professor Spins (our free online article spinner) database.

If you have any suggestions for text, word, name, or number generation, please get in touch.

Finally, remember, if anyone asks .... HUBBA! JUBBA! LOLLYWASH!